All about Asparagus

Socca a French Restaurant in London's Mayfair wth Private Dining Rooms a French Bistro by Claude Bosi and Samyukta Nair.

The onset of warmer days celebrates the arrival of the very best of the season’s produce; British asparagus.

French Restaurant Mayfair Asparagus Season

As an homage to this seasonal favourite, the newest addition to our A La Carte menu features a classic English Asparagus Mimosa with grated egg yolk and sherry vinegar dressing.


– Claude’s pro-tip –

The best way to cook your asparagus is by not completely immersing them in water. Cook them in a pan with a tiny amount of water and salt (to create steam) and cook until you can push a knife straight through the stem.

French Restaurant Mayfair Asparagus Season